Wouldn't it be nice if someone took care of all your business technology needs?  xFaktor technologies IT Business Services can do just that.

The benefits of having the right IT systems at your business are clear, but who wants to invest so much of their time, energy and money to develop and manage those systems? A business owner is much better served to use their time focusing on generating revenue and managing their people.

Our customized IT business services allow our customers to completely outsource the procurement, installation, and ongoing management and support of their IT resources to the experts at xFaktor technologies. Whether you need an IT project, installation services, migration services or on-site IT support, xFaktor technologies can help you develop an IT plan that is just right for your business.


Why use xFaktor technologies Business Services?

Technology is a vital aspect of just about every business; it is critical to both the day-to-day operations and the strategic growth of your business. Our IT business services can be tailored specifically to meet the specific needs and scale of your business. Whether your business is in need of something small like a PC clean up or spam filtering or a major network overhaul or server replacement xFaktor technologies can help you develop an IT plan that's just right for your business.


Technology is both effective and efficient with the proper infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. After the foundation of your technology is in place, the focus shifts to increasing employee productivity and efficiency. xFaktor technologies will work with you to review your business goals and ensure the right technology is in place to allow your business to succeed.



xFaktor technologies On Demand Support Services give you affordable access to a responsive, professional and complete IT department, when you need us.

A more flexible IT service plan for small businesses to get the IT support they need when they need it.


Service when needed

 On Demand Plans as low as $100/hr

Responsive Support When You Need It Most


xFaktor technologies On Demand IT Service gives small businesses access to complete network support either remotely or onsite by a highly trained professional should the need arise. xFaktor technologies understands that response times are critical when you have technology issues.


xFaktor technologies On Demand IT Service accommodates small businesses that are seeking repairs and maintenance for their network. On Demand IT Service includes access to xFaktor technologies experienced technology professionals.