Remote IT Support

Since the founding of X Faktor Technologies in late 2012, we have prided ourselves on providing exceptional support services with industry certified technicians and engineers with a focus on putting our clients needs and experience first.

Our computer support services were initially reserved exclusively for local businesses, but after operating for several years and amassing a large amount of satisfied clients, we have decided to branch out and provide our business-class IT support services to everyone in the US! We can help you with an array of services from helping you find the right computer to purchase to keeping it running with optimal performance and security.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Our enthusiasm for technology has no bounds.  In few cases, a technology emerges that creates a profound impact across the globe (such as the internet). In late 2008, another such technology was introduced to the world known as: the blockchain.

We believe this technology has the ability to make a significantly positive impact on the future of finance, economics, governance and many other areas of life as we know it today. It is with hope for a brighter tomorrow that we do our part to spread knowledge and assist in keeping the Bitcoin blockchain secure and truly decentralized.

Our Philosophy

Whether it is for your home or business, your desktops, laptops, servers and networks will operate at their best when they maintain the highest levels of:


For businesses, time is money.  But let’s face it, no matter the circumstance, having a slow and unresponsive computer (whether it is displaying errors or randomly freezing on you or not) can be extremely frustrating.  With our Performance Optimization Services, a certified technician can intelligently find and remedy the many things dragging your performance down better than any software package that claims it can do the same.


Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and tagged as the silver to the digital gold bitcoin. Faster than bitcoin, with a larger amount of token and a new mining algorithm, Litecoin was a real innovation, perfectly tailored to be the smaller brother of bitcoin.


Dash (known earlier as Darkcoin) is a very popular alternative cryptocurrency with a focus on transaction speed and privacy. Instead of using a single mining algorithm (like Bitcoin’s SHA-256 or Litecoin’s Scrypt), it relies on X11 – a collection of 11 algorithms which are there to ensure fair distribution of coins between miners.


Countdown to Scrypt Mining 1 Jan

Countdown to Scrypt Mining

X Faktor Technologies is proud to be joining the burgeoning community of Scrypt miners! We have official ordered the new batch

X Faktor Technologies goes crypto 4 Apr

X Faktor Technologies goes crypto

It has been an honor to support the many small businesses with implementing and managing their computer networks over the years. 

Our Team


Elier Ramirez


Entrepreneur, Educator, and Geek. Elier founded X Faktor Technologies in 2012 and has over a decade of experience in the IT industry.


Adrian Ramirez

Chief Operations Officer

As our COO, Adrian manages and directs the regular operations of our Mining Division at our Miami, FL data center.


Elier Ramirez Sr.

Director of Product Development

Elier Sr. leads our product production team with over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and Tool & Die expert.


Alex Ramirez

Director of Engineering

Alex ensures that our miners are operating at maximum efficiency, providing the optimal conditions to support our data center environment.